Center REP'S
2019 Young Rep Summer Workshop
June 17 - August 1, 2019
Tuition Price List


Morning Classes/Mon-Fri/9am-Noon $745.00
Afternoon Musical Theatre/MWF 1pm-4pm (5pm for Act 2)
(Dir: Jennifer Perry/Michael Wiles)
Afternoon Advanced Acting/T Th 1pm-5pm
(Dir: Jeffrey Draper)


AM and Afternoon Musical Theatre $1500.00
AM and Afternoon Advanced Acting $1500.00
Afternoon Musical Theatre/Afternoon Advanced Acting $1500.00
AM/Afternoon Musical Theatre/Afternoon Advanced Acting $1950.00



"Inspiration is such a gift. I was inspired in so many ways and forms this summer from my acting and internship classes and that is something I’ll never forget and always treasure. Please keep this program alive!"

- Young REP Student,
Adric Alvaro