1881: Born in Malaga, Spain.

1892: Begins his art studies at Guarda School of Fine Arts in Corunna, Spain.

1900: First individual exhibit at the cafe, Els Quatre Gats, and makes first trip to Paris.

1901: First art exhibit in Paris at Vollard Gallery. Beginning of Blue Period.

1902-04: Begins studies for La Vie (Life), a masterpiece from the Early/Blue Period. Meets Fernande Olivier who becomes his companion until 1912.

1903: Painting La Vie (Early/ Blue Period).

1903: Painting Old Guitarist.

1905-07: Start of the Rose Period. Meets American writer Gertrude Stein, who introduces him to French artist Henri Matisse. In 1907, creates Les Demoiselles d' Avignon, the starting point of Cubism. Daniel-Henri Kahnweiler becomes his main dealer.

1907: Painting Les Demoiselles d' Avignon (Cubism/Mid Career).

1908-14: Georges Braque and Picasso develop Cubism.

1911-13: Goes to Ceret, meets Eva Gouel and separates from Fernande. Braque mobilized by war, marking the end of Cubism as a movement.

1916-17: Picasso is introduced to Serge de Diaghilev, director of the Ballet Russes. Travels with Jean Cocteau to work with the Ballet Russes.

1918-21: Marries Olga Khokhlova in Paris. Matisse-Picasso exhibition opens in Paris. Picasso and Olga's son, Paulo, born in 1921.

1923-27: Meets the poet and critic Andre Breton, head of the Surrealist Movement. Meets Marie-Therese Walter with whom he has a relationship until 1936.

1928-34: Collaboration with Juli Gonzalez starts him on metal sculpture. Salvadore Dali visits Picasso on his first trip to Paris.

1935-36: Separates from Olga, has a daughter, Maya, with Marie-Therese Walter. Sides with the Republicans at the start of the Spanish Civil War. Named honorary director of the Prado Museum. Meets new companion Dora Maar.

1937-41: On April 26, 1937, the town of Guernica is bombed by the Germans. From May to June, Picasso paints Guernica to be presented at the Spanish Republican Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Paris. Moves to Royan with Dora Maar, deciding not to return to Spain until the Franco regime ends.

1939: Painting Donna con cappello verde.

1941: Painting Dora Maar with Cat.

1943-45: Meets Francoise Gilo. In 1944, L'Humanite announces his affiliation to the French Communist Party.

1946-49: Exhibition at MoMA in New York - "Fifty Years of His Art." Participates in the Warclaw Congress of Intellectuals for Peace giving a speech in favor of Pablo Neruda's release. Gilot gives birth to their daughter, Paloma, in 1949.

1951: Painting Massacre in Korea.

1953-60: Picasso and Gilot separate. Jacqueline Roque becomes his partner until his death. Purchases Le Californie villa in Cannes.

1956: Soviet Union invasion of Hungary in November brutally crushing the Hungarian Revolution. Picasso, pressured to respond to the events, signs letter with French intellectuals addressed to Communist Party Committee to little effect.

1957: Painting Las Meninas.

1961-63: Marries Jacqueline Roque. In 1962, begins engraving work.

1962: Creates Postcard for the Eighth World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace and Friendship, Helsinki.

1973: On April 8, Pablo Ruiz Picasso passes away at Notre- Dame-de-Vie in Mougins. He is buried on April 10 in the garden at Vauvenargues Castle.

Reprinted with permission from the Alley Theatre