Synopsis: In a stylishly converted French farmhouse, Bernard is hoping to entertain his mistress, Suzy, for the weekend.  His wife is headed off to visit her mother and he has arranged for a cordon bleu cook to furnish the gourmet delights.  His friend Robert has shown up to furnish an alibi, but unbeknownst to Bernard, Robert is having an affair of his own – with Bernard’s wife, who chooses to stay for the weekend once she finds out her lover Robert is going to be there.  The cook, also named Suzy is persuaded to play all kinds of roles and the real Suzy is forced to be the cook, as Robert and Bernard frantically improvise their way out of getting caught.

Drinking: Yes, the characters get a bit sloshed as the night goes on.

Smoking: No 

Violence: Bernard gets slapped a few times and is repeatedly sprayed with soda water.

Sex: Nothing graphic…some comical, lighthearted clutching…getting caught in amusing and compromised positions….

For which audiences? PG-13 for playfully naughty behavior and implied adultery.  This is a French farce from an earlier, far less graphic era than our own, more akin to a Benny Hill sketch than anything truly adult in nature.  Some audiences may take offense at its casual, cheery embrace of adultery but then again, it’s French.  Most 10-13 year olds would find it funny rather than “adult.”