Get your deerstalker cap on and join the Baskerville Treasure Hunt!

"Come find me somewhere in Contra Costa County! I am hidden in a very special place. If you find me, you will receive very special rewards at the Lesher Center for the Arts."

In honor of our Sherlock Holmes mystery, Baskerville, we will be posting a total of six clues to lead you to find the hidden treasure. Show tickets and special perks await you if you are the first to locate the treasure!



I can see this from where I am
3,849 it is found
With houses and trees all around

The wind blows around me
Bold and strong
Little ones fly near me
Always finding their place

If I could swim, I would
If I could run, I would
If I could drive, I would
If you were here, you would

The winds are whispering many things
With packs and shoes and skinny things
I watch with delight as they go by
And always look to the sky

A true detective can find me
Green and luscious I clearly see
Hiding under and high to the ground
Swingers do surround

Large oak doors are across from me
Special cars with signs can park in front of me
Your Boundary is wide open
Blue and White are my favorite colors.