Thank you for selecting Center REP and the Lesher Center for the Arts. We hope your visit with us will be enjoyable. If we can help you in any way, please let us know.

How much time should I give myself to get to the theatre?
Give yourself plenty of time to get to the theatre; late arrivals are disruptive

What happens if I arrive late?
Patrons arriving after the curtain time printed on their tickets should not expect to be seated immediately. At the direction of the presenting organizations, the House Manager may seat late-arriving patrons at an appropriate interval. For some events, late seating may not occur until intermission. If late seating is permitted by the presenter, it may only be done if there are seats available in locations that will neither disturb the continuity of the performance nor the enjoyment of those patrons who are already seated. If accommodated, latecomers should not expect to be seated in their assigned seats, nor with other members of their party who arrived on time. Tickets presented to the House Manager after curtain time are not exchangeable OR refundable.

Can I smoke at the Lesher Center?
There is no smoking in the theatre, lobby areas or within 20 feet of any door or vent.

Does the Lesher Center offer refreshments?
The Lesher Center offers a full bar which is open before and after each show and during intermission. In addition, Center REP sells ice cream during intermission.

Does my child have to have a ticket?
Every person, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Children younger than school age should not be brought to regular performances. The Center schedules a variety of events for young audiences and families to enjoy together.

Can I provide an emergency contact number for my baby sitter?
Patrons who may receive an emergency call should leave the number (925) 295-1424 with their sitter or service, along with the name of the event and their exact seat location (row and seat number) so they may be easily reached.

Can I take photos of the shows?
The possession of any photographing or recording devices in the theatre, without the written permission of the management, is prohibited by law.

Can I leave a show during the performance?
We realize that traffic in and out of the theatre can be congested following a performance; still, it is distracting to other patrons to leave while the show is still in progress. Persons leaving the theatre during the performance may not be readmitted.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?
All ticket sales are final; no refunds or cancellations. Tickets can however be donated back to Center REP. Please call 925.943.SHOW for more information.

I have a discount coupon. When should I present it?
Discount coupons must be presented in person at the ticket office at the time of purchase.

Is the Center wheelchair and hearing-impaired accessible?
The Center is wheelchair accessible and theatres are equipped with infrared listening systems for hearing-impaired patrons. We would like to accommodate all patrons. Please let us know if you have special seating requirements at the time you purchase tickets.